In last month’s article I discussed what inflammation is and how to tell the difference between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Remember that it is chronic inflammation that we want to work to keep out of our bodies. According to inflammation expert Dr. Carolyn Williams, there are eight signs that you may have inflammation:

  1. Your joints hurt or are stiff. Tightness or tenderness due to changes in your workout routine or daily activity is normal. What’s not normal is subtle pain and stiffness that persists.
  2. You keep forgetting things. Memory and cognition decline as we age, but research suggests that high inflammation in the body leads to a decline that’s 8% to 12% greater.
  3. You feel sad or simply not yourself. Signs of depression often signal some level of inflammation.
  4. You have indigestion on a regular basis. Bloating or diarrhea that keeps returning may be a sign of inflammation.
  5. Your immune system seems to be compromised. If you have chronic inflammation, the body is less equipped to fight off bacteria and viruses.
  6. Your blood pressure has gradually gotten higher. Low-grade inflammation can cause hypertension which can damage and stiffen blood vessels.
  7. You often feel “hangry”. This could be due to a meal or snack heavy in refined carbs and sugar. But it could also mean that the body is unable to manage glucose. This can signal underlying inflammation.
  8. You have a new skin irritation that won’t go away. Ongoing skin issues may be a sign that the body is inflamed.

So what do you do if you think you may have chronic inflammation? In my next article, I will explore what seven experts suggest we all do on a regular basis to fight off this type of inflammation which can be extremely damaging to our bodies.