Think about your last doctor’s visit. How much time did the physician spend with you? Did you

discuss healthy eating or your activity level? How about emotional, mental, or spiritual health?

I’m guessing the answer is “no”. Most doctors only have a few minutes to spend with each

patient, and using that time to teach patients about healthy lifestyle habits does not pay the bills.

And most conventional physicians are not trained in those areas anyway. They are trained to

focus on and treat illnesses. This is why some healthcare practices have begun to add health

coaches to their offices.

Health coaches focus on holistic care: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They form a

personal connection with the client and help them create SMART goals, These are goals that

are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. They give the client the tools

necessary to create a healthy change in their lives, and they work on building the client’s

self-confidence to accomplish this transformation.

So what does a typical health coaching session consist of? At Bax Wellness, my sessions

begin by discussing the progress the client has made in achieving their goals since our previous

session. I then look at and discuss the client’s completed homework. Next comes the topic of

the day which is based upon my notes from the previous session concerning what I feel the

client needs at this point. Examples would be information about gut health, brain health,

inflammation, food to add to, reduce, or eliminate from their diet, intuitive eating, exercise tips,

and so much more. Then I give clients their next homework assignment. All of this takes 50 to

60 minutes.

We all can benefit from working with a health coach. I encourage you to check out this

extremely beneficial service to help you in your wellness journey.